Hospy Awards

award trophies in front of Gold Medal Chefs sign

Photo: Tim Gendron

Each year during the Gold Medal Chefs Gala and Hospitality Awards, we honor those individuals and businesses in our community who make a significant impact on our hospitality industry. Here are past honorees:

President’s Outstanding Volunteer Award

In grateful appreciation of your selfless sharing of time and talent, your ongoing dedication, your attention to detail and your outstanding work ethic

2021  Tina Dixon

2019  Reed Ingram

2018   Lyn Morein

2017   Mark Heller

2016   David Druilhet

2015   John “Ace’ Hildebrand

2014   Mickey Freiberg

2013   Dr. Yvette Green

Archie Casbarian Humanitarian Award

In grateful appreciation of your exceptional commitment to serving our community by tirelessly devoting your resources, sharing your energy, inspiring your peers and bringing a shared vision to life

2021   Steve Worthy

2019   Gary Solomon, Jr.

2018   Leah Chase

2017   David Emond

2016   Stan Harris

2015   Michael Maenza

2014   Michael Miller

2013   Steve Trotter

2012   John & Perry Eastman

Drago Cvitanovich Award for Outstanding Philanthropy by an Entrepreneur

In grateful appreciation of your tireless devotion to the betterment of our community, through your commitment to generously sharing your success, energy and creativity with those around you

2021  Stephen Hightower

2019  Al Copeland, Jr.

2018   Todd Graves

2017   Mickey Parenton

2016   Mike Rodrigue

2014   Emeril Lagasse

2013   John Georges

2012   Drago Cvitanovich

Jamie Shannon Outstanding Chef Award

In recognition of your talent, vision, and generosity in sharing your culinary creativity with your community – in the great tradition of Louisiana chefs

2021  Chef’s Brigade Inc.

2019  Michelle McRaney

2018   Tory McPhail

2017   Brian Landry

2016   Chris Wilson

2015   Peter Sclafani

2014   Darrin Nesbit

2013   John Besh

2012   Duke Locicero

Bryan Klotz Award for Outstanding Philanthropy by a Supplier

In recognition of your contributions to our industry and our community and the spirit of partnership that you foster

2021  Andy Blouin, Juan Cazabon, & Mickey Parenton of Neat Wines

2019  Cliff Hall

2018   Dolph Parro

2017   Nick Hazard

2016   The Champagne Family

2015   Andy Halpern

2014   Rocky Weigand

2013   Robert “Sandy” Whann

2012   Nick Zouboukos

Outstanding Philanthropy by a Hotel

In recognition of the hotel’s philanthropic and volunteer efforts, awarding their strong track record of charitable giving &/or investments, volunteering &/or other social change efforts related to supporting the hospitality industry community.

2021  Kimpton Hotel Fontenot

2019  Windsor Court Hotel

2018   Hyatt Regency

Hotel Champion of Hospitality

In grateful appreciation to an individual that exemplifies leadership and who has demonstrated an outstanding personal commitment to giving back and being an ambassador of the hospitality industry.

2021  David Piscola, Hilton New Orleans Riverside

2019  Chef Jeff Mattia, Royal Sonesta New Orleans

2018   Chef Spiros Dimitriou, New Orleans Marriott

Special Award

2018   Ella Brennan

2017   Bob Johnson

2014   Steve Perry

2013   Ewell Smith